Friday, October 24, 2014

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Wow, this book was amazing!! I can't wait to watch the movie!!

This book is about a community where everyone is the same. They don't see colors, they don't feel, and there is a specific set of rules that everyone has to follow. It sounds crazy, but to them it's normal. They chose to do away with all that to have a peaceful life. This book is about Jonas, who's supposed to become the new Receiver, and his journey in finding his place in the community and how he is affected after beginning his new training.

This book is great!! It's short and is a children's novel, so it's not hard to read and isn't very long, but the story is great! It gives a great look at what it would be like in a world without war. There is just Sameness. No feeling, no color, just everyone acting the same way all the time. It's a very interesting concept to think about. I really feel that Lowry did a great job conveying how scary this type of environment is. I mean, they do some scary stuff and think nothing of it. I love it!! I can already tell from the previews that the movie will be different, but this book was written in 1993 so I feel like the movie will appeal to our more modern ideas of what this life would be like.

Well, I would highly recommend reading this novel :D I hope there's a sequel, because I want to read it!

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