Monday, October 6, 2014

Hero By Alethea Kontis

Hey everyone! So, I realized that while I wanted to post at least one book a week, that doesn't mean I have to post only one!! I may be doing about 3 this week :D I want to review this book, the America book, and another book so that I can get a book from that I want. And after that book I'll get another book because there are 2 right now from that site that I want xD Anyway! Just a forewarning that I may be posting quite a bit this week! Don't worry, I'll spread them out :)

Alright, onto the book! Now, I got my 2nd Selection novel today, FINALLY and yes I already read it even though I had work today from 12-3 and I couldn't pick it up until 10 xD However, I want to talk about Hero because I want to read that book again and give you an excellent review :) I only read Hero once, and while I think it is a good book, I don't love it as much as Enchanted. It's a great story, but what I loved about Enchanted was the fairy tales woven in and the magic and the whimsy. This book was not the same. I recognized a couple fairy tales that were mentioned, but they were not delved into. There is a set up though, so I hope the next book will be out relatively soon :D I liked the characters, but I missed connecting all the fairy tales and seeing how she wove them in.

Saturday gets to have an adventure. She supposedly doesn't have magic(she has a talent having to do with magic, but you'll have to read to find out!) and so is jealous of everyone. However, she ends up getting kidnapped by a witch/demon(she is a witch in that word because she's a demon, but she's not that great xD) whose eyes were stolen by Jack, Saturday's brother that's been gone a long time. However, the witch can't tell that it's Saturday and not Jack so Saturday is forced to complete tasks while trying to find a way to escape. One thing that was confusing was the caves and the sense of time. Of course, time doesn't pass and the witch made the cave, but I still wish that I could have pictured the caves and how they worked, and I just couldn't. The other person in the cave is a prince guy who got tricked into taking the place of the witch's daughter by the daughter herself. He didn't completely change into a girl, but he wears skirts to stay alive. That was weird. I did like the shapeshifting animal, though! He was cool :D I kind of was put off by a part in the ending....but I won't tell you exactly what because it's a spoiler :) All in all, the book was well written and I will probably read it again, but it doesn't grab me like it did Enchanted. It did fit Saturday though, as Saturday is a very down to earth and sturdy character. I think it is a good read, but check it out at the library before you decide to buy it :)

I give this book a 7 out of 10 and recommend it to YA readers.

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  1. Thanks so much for this review--I think this book is a bit dark for me...the plotline sounds a big confusing. lol Also, I don't like witches that much--nor demons. I sure do appreciate your reviews. They are well-written and I get a good sense as to whether or not I would like the book. GOOD JOB!!!