Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nameless - A Tale of Beauty and Madness by Lili St. Crow

There is no dash in the actual title, I just put it there for my own sanity xD Anyway! lol :D
So, this book is interesting! It has a great spin on Snow White. I must say that I did not see any of the seven dwarves and that was sad, but it was a good book.

I'm not sure if I like it, though. It was hard to read, and I had to read it twice. Both times I read it I felt the need to look back and reread stuff because I was confused about something. Also, this book is a bit creepy. It's kind of an alternate story of what happened after WWI and how this huge thing had happened an in 1920 and the Reeve exploded and then there were families with special abilities that could come out of the woodwork and be known by the world. The world as it was known was practically destroyed and fae and other creatures either came to be or came to light. I feel like there wasn't enough background and that the background given was given too choppily.

The story is great! The girl who represents Snow White is covered in scars and doesn't remember her life before 6 when Vultusino adopted her. It's a family of vampires, but she was adopted. I don't know if the intent was there the whole time, but she ends up becoming betrothed to the heir, and I found their relationship kind of confusing and not all the way explained as well. I think she did a great job on the story, but I wish there was one before it that described the war and everything that happened before this story. It felt like there was a piece missing and to add it in this book would just make it tedious. She needs to write a little novella about the history of this world, because I couldn't tell what time period it's supposed to be in either. Well, I keep bashing the story, but it is enjoyable! We meet Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. They are great characters, and I was very happy with how they were portrayed.

All in all this book is an interesting read, but expect to be a little confused and to read it more than once. It's a bit dark, so if you don't like that kind of thing then I wouldn't recommend reading this book. The Vultusinos are vampires, but I thought at first that they were werewolves because it said that the heir changed and his bones cracked and stuff and it was rather confusing. Interesting read and I do hope for more! I want to know about Cinderella and Red Riding Hood!!


  1. How interesting! I've read books where the storyline was choppy and a bit muddy. Thank you for the wonderful review!

  2. I forgot to say that I was intrigued by the contrast of writing and great storyline. That was a wonderful observation.