Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

I love this book. There are many reasons that I love this, but first of all, the outside is wonderful!! Also, the author's name is like a fairy tale name itself. How cool is that? Not to mention, the first sentence is eye-grabbing! You read it and it just pulls you in; you have to read more. "My name is Sunday Woodcutter, and I am doomed to a happy life." Now you have to go read it :D

I really enjoy this book because it brings in SO many fairy tales!! I keep being reminded of different fairy tales when I read it!! I'm not going to say what they are because I want you to read it and find out, but the author did a fantastic job of combining so many fairy tales into one without making it a bog of words. The story is about Sunday Woodcutter and how she discovers her powers and falls in love with someone her family dislikes in general. In the end everything works out alright, but she has to overcome her fears and work out her feelings. I think this is a perfect book to curl up in bed with and get lost in.

I would caution some people that there is, near the end, magic that uses a lot of blood, but the author isn't graphic with it. Quite frankly I am rather in love with this book and I love how real everything seems in it. I can picture all the scenes and the people. And I don't just picture the people's appearances, but they're personalities and the auras they give off. The writing is very well done and she has captured all the essences of the fairy tales she has used individually while also combining all their essences to make a very smooth and pleasant story to read.

Let me know if you read it, and if you do read it then tell me how you like it!!! :D

I give this book a 10/10 and recommend this to YA readers 15 and up.

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